The Word on Wendy Walters

“Wendy quickly and seamlessly integrated herself into our business and was immediately a creative force on the team…Wendy also contributed meaningfully to our overall business strategy by identifying an leveraging new and emerging target audiences…the result was an evolved strategy for the organization…She was very effective at managing our ad and PR agencies and was a highly effective lead for the team internally…”  

MaryAnne Wiley, Senior Investment Professional (former Head of iShares Canada at BlackRock)


“I was fortunate to report to Wendy when she ran the Integrated Marketing Services team at the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. We forged new ground within the MoHLTC and indeed within the Ontario government, through many of the digital initiatives we led.”
“Wendy was a strong and collaborative leader … Wendy successfully motivated the team – and me personally – to excel”

Michelle Read-Kulig, Senior Director at Loblaw Digital


“Strategically decisive. That’s my description for Wendy. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Wendy in a few different roles, not the least of which helped set the stage for motivating Ontarians to better look after their health. Wendy has an amazing ability to surround marketing challenges with information, and decisively lead those working with her on potential avenues that could lead to measurable impact.”  

~Tim Kibby, Managing Director at Firefly Millward Brown


“Wendy is a strategic force to be reckoned with. I’ve had the pleasure working with her on a number of complex and challenging marketing files. She always provides smart, strategic and sound advice while still listening to feedback. She always strives for amazing work that the whole team can be proud of. I have learned a lot from Wendy and would happily work with her again.”  

Melanie Robert, Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy, Cabinet Office, Gov of Ontario


“I’ve worked with Wendy over the course of a few projects now. I’ve always known her to be a highly strategic thinker and proactive person. She values authenticity in ideas and is always pushing to get to not just “a solution” but the rightest, most powerful solution. I’ve also found her to be most collaborative in everything we’ve done together.”  

David Rosenberg, Partner, Chief Creative Officer at Bensimon Byrne


“Wendy Walters is a tremendous source of knowledge on the subjects of marketing communications and building brand identities. She has achieved success as a key influencer, providing strong recommendations to her business partners. As a colleague, I enjoyed working with Wendy and learning from her. She was always willing to share her expertise, acting as a mentor and leader to support others in achieving success.”  

~ Amy Snow, Communications Advisor, Cancer Care Ontario