Trillium Gift of Life Network –
How to Get Invincible Youth to Think About Organ Donation


How can we leverage marketing strategy to encourage youth 19 – 25 to register Yes to donate their organs when this kind of consideration is so far from their present day lives?


The Path

Utilize a youth panel to act as marketing strategy collaborators to advise the development of our three year strategy. Together, we uncovered the insight: why waste your organs if you can pay it forward and help someone else? We tapped into the recycle mindset of this population and were able to create an innovative campaign.



The youth panel became our spokespeople, and all online and offline assets were designed around the idea of Recycle Me. A customer journey strategy shaped content to build awareness, advocacy and adoption (registration).  Over the course of a 12 – week campaign, we received over 200 million impressions and 115,000 visits to the website.  Consent form downloads were up 400% and today, overall Yes registrations have increased to 29% of the population.

We had to get a number of stakeholders to agree to a very risky and innovative creative direction along the way including: the Minister’s office, the Premier’s office, the Ministry of Health communications team, the TGLN CEO and management, the TGLN Board of Directors and Community and Donor Family Groups.