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Welcome to my personal website. If you only learn three things about me, here are the points that matter. I’m an accomplished marketing leader. I am a disciplined, deeply experienced, evidence based brand marketer. I get all of it and have the campaigns in my resume to prove it. Digital, Social Media, TV, Video, Print, PR, Event. I am a creative force. I am known as an original thinker. I know how to find and transform insights. I never settle and always push for brighter and better solutions that are accountable to the business. I cultivate authentic partnerships. I value team flow and mutually astonishing outcomes.

Here’s my story
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I started in the advertising business creating brand mojo for some brilliant brands

I grew the skills I honed into a role as the strategic marketing brain within organizations in two very prominent categories: financial services and healthcare. That turned out to be very good for me. Here’s a healthcare case I’m proud of.

Case: Recycle Me

While I was perfecting my business practice

I invented a new way of working that allowed me to develop into a whole-person through artistic, spiritual and intellectual pursuits in areas like teaching, interior design, yoga and writing. All this while appreciating a wonderful husband, kids and a dog and just generally being a happy, enthusiastic and passionate person. Living well is such a wonderful thing to do.


“Life is long if you know how to use it”

~ Lucius Seneca, 4BC-65AD

Working with integrity
is a foundational value for me

Here’s a quick read on the Marketing for Better Index I wrote recently. I want to work with organizations who believe that marketing needs to bring products, services, conversations and ideas to people to make the world a better place. And, that we will work with each other the way my mother taught me: treating others the way you wish to be treated.

As a consultant

I learned to work fast and smart, and present unexpected, bright solutions to problems. Also, I have a lot of grit, which has come in handy when there’s a point to be made or an idea that needs cultivating with the team.

Case: How to Respect A Tick

I know a lot of stuff

Like about facilitating clever partnerships, brand strategy, design, consumer research, and what makes great creative. I know how to build a narrative that stops people in their tracks. And, how to develop, organize and keep transforming content for web, mobile, social media (like the Let’s be the Change campaign), earned media, paid media and some channels that hadn’t been invented yet like: the Princess Diana/Starbucks coffee sleeve, specialist referral apps like KidneyWise, and magazine-style research reports.

Case: Building Strong Women

I have been given the honour of leading some amazing teams

I’ve had a thousand coffees with some impressive leaders. I have facilitated myriad strategy sessions to build plans that inspire, motivate or persuade.

If you want a long-play version, check out this link to my resumé.

Don’t take my word for anything. Take the word of these incredible people.

Send me a note at wendywalters@rightthinkinc.com with any feedback at all – tell me I’m nuts, I’m brilliant or I have nice hair.
Any opportunity to engage is a good one.

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